Paperbox Studios is a Melbourne based independent game development studio consisting of Bikram Dey, Peter Mandile and Alex Cummaudo.


Peter and Bikram initially started making games together in 2011, after working on a school programming project. We were inspired to start up a studio as a hobby, this hobby soon became a passion and in early 2015 we decided to formally create a company to make this dream real.

We picked up Alex in 2012 to make our website, and he stayed on to continue to help us throughout various game projects.

Motivated by coming runners up in a couple of YoYo Games competitions, we decided to keep working together as a team.

We aspire to make games that we can enjoy making as well as playing. We hope to continue to push out awesome games in the future, like we have been.

Our focus is to make games that are different; games which provide both a fun and rewarding yet unique experience to all kinds of gamers. We enjoy a healthy dose of gaming ourselves as well!

Team and Contributors
  • Peter MandileTechnical Director

    Peter is our lead programmer and comes up with most of the ideas. Currently a Software Engineering student, he has an intense passion for programming and indie games.

  • Bikram DeyCreative Director

    Bikram is our artist, designer and social media guy. Currently studying Screen and Media, he is committed when it comes to both making and playing games.

  • Alex CummaudoWeb Developer

    Alex is our web developer and designer. Studying Computer Science, he has a furious passion for technology, user experience design and designing products.

  • Callum BigdenSound and Music

    Callum is our sound designer. Studying Sound for Media, he loves to evoke emotion amongst the players by composing exceptional music and atmospheric sound effects.