Shape Your Way

ShapeWay is focused on two components, building a solution and then playing it. You get to build your own solution with an array of different blocks, creating your own path to avoid nasty death traps.

With a mixture of levels which centre more on platforming to some which are more about the puzzle solving, ShapeWay constantly offers new challenges. Not only are there cool gameplay elements but ShapeWay has a simplistic art style with vibrant eye popping colours and fun character animations.

ShapeWay will be coming soon to a Google Play Store near you featuring at least 60 levels filled with hours of puzzle platforming goodness!

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Downtown Devourer

Paperbox Entry for LD33

You are a monster. A hideous monstrosity that makes everyone run scared just at the sight of you. Unfortunately those that you scare are also your primary diet, and without their energy you will not survive! The only way to stay alive is to disguise yourself as a human and devour the humans before they can escape. However causing too much of a disruption will cause the police to become alerted, and they REALLY hate you. The police will shoot you when startled, which will cause you to die. They can however, still be eaten!

Can you survive long enough to eat all the humans in the city?

Check it out on LD33.

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Kid Got Lost

Paperbox Entry for LD30

You wake up and find yourself in some strange mystical world. You know the way out is somewhere, but you cant see it, not viewing this reality.

Use your power to peer into another dimension to find your way out, but beware! If you can see the monsters lurking in the depths, then they can see you too.

Check it out on LD30.

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Viral Assault

Viruses and Eyeballs just got fun!

Ever wanted to kill off viral spores? Ever wanted to be an eyeball? Well, now you can do both!

Arcade-themed in the glorious era of 80s classics, Viral Assault: Defence of the Eyeball leaves you dodging hordes of infectious plagues, who haunt your every move.

But don't worry yet, your über-eye is über-special; get as close as you can to these nasties, use your powers and get combinations for firing them off right into oblivion!

Don't forget to turn around—there's a virus hiding in every corner! And when all else fails, your trustworthy viral-annihilating super-blast will get you out of any sticky situation!

With a unique scoring system, play until you just can't take the hordes any more; hit your surrender flag and it's all over. Your score is then safe. But, if the hordes get you, and your eye becomes infected, you'll lose everything—your score and your dignity.

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The ultimate puzzle-solving game

As you find yourself lost in a world where platforming is considered a lifestyle and puzzle solving is a sixth sense, you soon begin to realise that you don't belong in this world, the world of Incubus.

A mix between platformer and puzzle-solver, Incubus leaves you questioning how new challenges can be faced when new obstacles arise. The goal is simple: get from A to B. The catch: That takes perfecting timing, logical thought and hard effort.

So, are you up for a challenge? Now lies the question: Will you conquer Incubus, or will Incubus conquer you?

We had an honourable mention from YoYo Games in the December 2012 GameMaker Steam Workshop Competition and were a runner-up in in their 2013 Win Big Competition.

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About Us

We strive to make unique games

Paperbox Studios was initially founded by Peter and Bikram in 2011, after working on a school programming project. We were inspired to start up a studio as a hobby, this hobby soon became a passion which brought us to the decision of making this our full time careers.

We picked up Alex in 2012 to make our website, and he stayed on to continue to help us throughout various game projects.

Motivated by coming runners up in a couple of YoYo Games competitions, we decided to keep working together as a team.

We aspire to make games that we can enjoy making as well as playing. We hope to continue to push out awesome games in the future, like we have been.

Our focus is to make games that are different; games which provide both a fun and rewarding yet unique experience to all kinds of gamers.

We enjoy a healthy dose of gaming ourselves as well!

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We're a team from Melbourne, Australia

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Bikram Dey

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Alex Cummaudo

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